Discovering Japan Endlessly – Kyoto Part

Kyoto is a dream destination in Japan.  Before, i used to think that Kyoto is Tokyo but forgive me for the serious error in perception.  These two cities are different and far away from each other.  Though both offers unique charm that you simply can’t resist to discover.

From Osaka, it will take more than an hour to reach Kyoto via the the Keihan Line.  We are still using the Kansai Thru Pass from yesterday so we are still entitled to unlimited train rides excluding JR Lines.  Osaka to Kyoto will cost around Php600 to Php700 with multiple transfers from our home base Taisho station.

Our first stop is of course the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine.  From the entrance itself, we are greeted with the Torii gates full of locals and tourists alike.  And of course, by Hello Kitty……

….and the array of food from both sides leading to the shrine!

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As we approach the entrance, more and more tourists roam around the place.

You will have to walk a series of stairs towards 2 Torii gates before reaching the main shrine.  What you notice about the people visiting this place is that everyone is very disciplined when it comes to taking chances in every photo ops.

The Fushimi Inari shrine is a must visit.  Eventhough the crowd is tough, you’ll just have to endure.  And with the many tourists walking inside the shrine, it’s difficult to snag that peaceful and stolen shot of these Torii.  This shrine is where most of the businessman come to to worship the god Inari.  Each of the toriis are donated by these businessmen carved with Japanese characters I don’t have a clue what is.

But I managed to get a clear shot inside the pathway without photobombers.  The lantern add up the peaceful feel of the place.


The pathway leads up to the top of a mountain so it’s a long but easy walk as the pathway is already concrete.  We no longer went to the top most of the mountain and went on a different route to see this.  In here, you can refresh yourself with the cold water from the mountain, or make a wish using these wooden palettes with Kitsune (Foxes) drawing.

Before leaving, we also managed to have a snap with 2 locals in their kimonos.

Should you want to visit the shrine, come dressed in Kimonos for the a more closer feel of the place.  I would advise though to do it during spring or winter as it can get uncomfortable dressed in kimono during the summer.

Our next stop is the Tofukuji Temple which is a bit far from the station Tofukuji.  Still managed to reach it by 10minutes, the place has less tourist around so we got all the best shot we can get.

The walk back towards the station is also pleasant.  You will surely enjoy your walks and will never notice the distance.

Once again we got on the train to our next stop – Sanjusangendo Temple.  Again, this is going to be another walk from the station near a busy street.  Upon reaching the temple, I got to know that there is an entrance fee which is pricier that the others and one thing, you can’t take pictures inside.  So, I told myself, what’s the point?  This temples houses 1,000 statues that looks like below: (photo not mine)

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 6.00.35 PM
photo from Pinterest

It would have been great to see this, but to not have a photo of it is a miss.

After Sanjusangendo, we now went to other side of Kyoto (literally) and went to see the famous Bamboo forest.  Before reaching the forest though, you will have to walk towards the Togetsukyo bridge which has stunning views.  I can only imagine how amazing this place is during the autumn as the entire hill is full of trees (but still in green colors).

As we race with the sunset, I thank God for this beautiful view.


The walk towards the forest is a bit far from the bridge.  As we came from the other end of the attraction, we still enjoyed the sceneries around it.

From the entrance of the forest, you can never be lost as the influx of visitors are visible.  There are directors from the pathways so just follow those signs.

From inside the forest, exit towards the river to get a closer look.

From the river, we headed towards the train station now riding the monorail, still using our Kansai pass.  Before you board the train though, go to this small entrance on the side of the station and you will find the Kimono Forest – a lighted pathway in the shape of cloth racks.kimono

From the monorail, we went to our last stop at Gion District.  Unfortunately, I ran out of battery already so I wasn’t able to take any more pictures.  Something to look foward to next time I visit Kyoto again.

So, an entire day will not be enough to explore Kyoto to be honest.  I missed a lot of attractions so next time, allot at least 2 days to go and see the other ones with equally stunning sceneries and memories to offer.

My next part will be our Nagoya adventure which you can read here.

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