Matteo’s 10th

Each year, my son and I schedules an annual photo shoot in preparation for his Birthday. As i browse thru the net for an amateur photographer, we decided for a “Life in the City” kind of theme and that means involving city sights and locations.

Below are our top 10 snaps for this stint.

  1.  Along McKinley West, as the place is morphing into the next business hub, capture the place before its transformation. At McKinley West Park32699921_10156414304600421_6375970914751741952_n

The shoot in McKinley west was so hot and dry.  We have to stop by a closed road so as not to disturb traffic.  There are guards in the area so we had to ask for permission as long as it’s not disrupting the traffic flow.

2.  What is mine is yours too! This car is going to be our next project, yes? At McKinley West Park.


We bought our first car in 2017 and I was lucky enough to close this deal.  Since then on, every place I visit, I can comfortably tag along my son.  He serves as my navigator too!

3.  In the middle of the clearing in High Street, along with his favorite suitcase, ready to explore and travel in his white shirt. 🙂 at Bonifacio High Street.


My son looks like a grown up already.  Tagging along his favorite suitcase, I still can’t believe I am able to bear such an adorable boy.

4.  You may think this is a wall, but it’s actually a giant wooden gummy bear! Cute!


This location is actually one of the busiest area in High Street.  And he’s game!

5.  While crossing the street towards High Street, He makes his own path, and so is Kofi!


Kofi has been with us since 2015.  A very loyal love and so clingy too.  We take him with us all the time.  We can even ditch the air-conditioned part of the restaurant (since dogs are not allowed in the area) for the sake of him dining with us.

6.  Can I come with you little man? At Bonifacio Global City


From most of our out-of-the-country travels, we usually take photos while walking the streets.  This one is a classic!  Perfect timing as not people are crossing the street when this one was taken.  Actually, I was just behind crossing the street too!

7.  So, you love that loud red thingy more than Baskin Robbins? Haha at TGIFriday’s Philippines.


When MK was young, and whenever I took him to High Street, he would usually ran off and go to these red, loud things near TGIF.  Trying to push them so they make a loud sound (annoying really) and it still makes me wonder why the hell did they create these things?  What’s it for? haha.

8. I was at the back while asking him to fix his collar while his picture is being taken. Cool! At Bonifacio High Street.


I just love the rawness of this pic.  No emotions, just the kind of reactions you would get off camera.

9.  I know how much you love reading books that you thought Fully Booked was a library!


MK loves books.  He reads and reads.  Browse and browse thru the many books that are up for reading at Fully Booked.  If he could live in a bookstore, I think he will tagging along his pillow.

10.  In one of the stairs often overlooked by people as they moved towards their destination, a good spot to watch people from a little above. at BoConcept.


A staged pose but still quite the best shot from the lot.

If you would like to have the same concept as a pre-birthday preparation for your child, please do.  it does not have to be a professional photographer, not expensive camera, not grand locations.  Just simple props, familiar locations and acquaintances who had to eye for beauty to capture the snaps will do!  I didn’t even spend so much for this activity to be honest.  And believe me, it’s all fun and memorable!

Don’t forget to have a printed one for the wall!  Send me a message if you need help!

Photographer: JC Dela Cruz

Location: Bonifacio High Street

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