Taipei and the Surprises it brings during your visit. (part 2)


Day 3 – After our long day from Day 2, we retired early for the night as we get ready for Day 3.  We visited the famous Yangmingshan National Park.  This is where my first Sakura experience happened.  From our base camp, we went to Shilin station and from there, took a bus going to the park.  Note that YNP is a big park with different attractions.  Some attractions can be reached by riding bus inside the park.  The attractions are quite far from each location so you better get a map from the entrance to see exactly where you are.

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The Calla Lily Farm – based on the research I made before the trip, this is the reason why Yangmingshan is on the list.  The Calla Lily Farm!  I love calla lilies! This flower is very simple but elegantly looking.  We were lost in the park initially as we thought that we can walk but we’re dead wrong.  We hired a taxi to take us to the farm and asked him to wait for us.  Be ready to experience a glimpse of heaven as these white lilies paved the mountains with so much beauty.

My Post (10)After our heavenly visit to the farm, we went back to Shilin Night Market before heading home.  From the park, we took the bus back to Shilin station so since we are already in the area, we went to buy my son’s cute travel luggage as well as one luggage for me.

Day 4 – This is our last day in Taipei but still got loads of itineraries to follow.  Our flight is not until late night.  We checked out of the hotel early and left our luggages at hotel while we make the most out of our last day in Taipei.  We headed down to Longshan Temple.  This temple has more visitors so a bit chaotic.

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From Longshan, we went to see the Chang Kai Shek Memorial.  The place is huge so it doesn’t matter if there are tourists around.  There’s plenty of room for that coveted photo ops.

My Post (13)After Chang Kai Shek, we headed to Taipei 101 for lunch.  Taipei 101 used to be the tallest building in the world but was outgrown by the likes of Tokyo Skytree and Burj Khalifa.  But nonetheless, this the the tallest man-made structure you can see in Taipei.  After our stint at Taipei 101, we headed to Ximending and went with the flow of youngsters of Taipei.  They call this place the Shibuya of Taiwan.

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The Taipei trip is one trip you should start listing in your bucket list.  There’s much to see, prices are reasonable and attractions are not too crowded.  Get the chance to tell stories about the place first hand.

What I missed, but you shouldn’t:

  1. Elephant Mountain
  2. National Palace Museum
  3. Taipei Old North Gate
  4. Yingde University (from Meteor Garden)
  5. Jiufen
  6. Taroko National Park

More info here.

Here are some random snaps from our trip:


Reminders for your Taipei Trip

  1. Filipinos entering Taiwan can have free-visa if they have travelled to countries like Japan and Korea.  Visit their website for more information.  Recently, the visa-free initiative has been extended.  See below:

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 3.29.07 AM

2.  Rent a Flytpack before your travel.  It will help you with your internet connection especially if your trip is DIY.20170411_203009

3.  Buy their metro pass – Easy Card.  Can be bought in any metro stations.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 3.35.37 AM

4.  Get your maps at the Airport or in your hotel.  If you don’t have internet while you are roaming around, your travel applications are useless.  Maps comes in handy.

5.  Taipei is a modern city.  Shorts/flips flops are ideal to use.  Be modest when you visit temples though.

6.  People in Taipei can communicate in English.  So don’t worry much about language barrier.

Schedule your visit to Taipei soon!!!

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