Fat Daddy’s SmokeHouse

I first tried Fat Daddy’s in their branch in BGC. Unfortunately, the place is already closed and it’s a sad day for Burgos Circle restaurant lovers. So when we saw a branch in UP Town Center, we immediately went for it. We waited a bit before we were given a table since the place is jam-packed with diners that night.

We ordered this yummy appetizers first. Hot Pork Poppers! It was instantly a hit! Paired with the vinegar, it sure made us hungry for more.


I ordered for the Hungry Daddy Menu – a combination of Pulled Pork and Chicken BBQ with your choice of 1 side. I opted for the Texas Dirty Rice. Yum!


My son ordered for the Cheesy Spaghetti and Meatballs. Though I have to eat the meatballs as he can’t finish them all!


Katzikat Thoughts: This restaurant never failed to impress their diners with the excellent menu and choices of sides. Which makes me wonder, why did they close their brach in BGC? Shame that we have to go all the way to QC just to be able to get their lovely BBQs.

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Pound By Todd English

This review is for Pound located at Vertis North Mall.  It was saturday before Father’s Day celebration and my son just got back from his vacation. Craving for city food, backed with my B1T1 coupon from Booky, we went for this restaurant as they serve Sliders, Burgers, Pasta and Desserts only. And to note that most of the restaurants in the area are full since everyone seems to be out for Celebrating our Fathers!

We were 2nd in line and decided on what we are gonna order even before we had our tables. Please note that they only will prepare your orders once your table is confirmed though. Just browse thru the menu while you wait.

When we got the table, the inside of the restaurant seems to be small. It was all packed during the night. Tables are small, really meant for 1 person each side. It was a rainy night that night so the floor is a bit messy. And our table seems to be jiving with our movements. Just annoying.

First we were served with the sliders. Thanks Booky for the treat!

My son ordered for the Chicken Burger, which was left unfinished as it’s all just crunchy breading instead of the Chicken meat.


But their Pomodoro is a must order. Paired with their Truffle Fries!

Katzikat Thoughts: We went out of the resto with full tummy considering that those sliders are so cute but the meat is all packed. If my son would prefer to go back there, I would but if I, alone will decide, I’ll just pick another burger restaurant than them. Please lose the black and white tiles! Too old design!

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Caution Hot!

It’s Sunday late night, way past our bedtime and we just have to look for something to eat after a nice massage to complete the relaxing experience and we came across this “the only joint still open at this hour” place in Kapitolyo. It’s been a while since we ate in Kapitolyo and this is the first time we are seeing this place among the restaurants rows in the area. No hesitations, we decided to eat here.

They serve Hot Noodles! Main specialty. Don’t look for ramen or porridge or anything! It’s a noodles joint.

To order a food, you have to follow 4 simple steps:
1. Choose your Toppings
2. Choose your Broth
3. Choose your Noodles
4. Choose your Burn

After there 4 easy peasy steps, wait for your order and voila! Your quick fix hot noodles is served.

Katzikat Recommend: I recommend the Pork Asado Szechuan Egg Noodles with 2nd degree burn! Just right for first timers.

Other choices are good too like this one below:
Seafood Szechuan Wheat Noodles with 1st degree Burn!

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