Fat Daddy’s SmokeHouse

I first tried Fat Daddy’s in their branch in BGC. Unfortunately, the place is already closed and it’s a sad day for Burgos Circle restaurant lovers. So when we saw a branch in UP Town Center, we immediately went for it. We waited a bit before we were given a table since the place is jam-packed with diners that night.

We ordered this yummy appetizers first. Hot Pork Poppers! It was instantly a hit! Paired with the vinegar, it sure made us hungry for more.


I ordered for the Hungry Daddy Menu – a combination of Pulled Pork and Chicken BBQ with your choice of 1 side. I opted for the Texas Dirty Rice. Yum!


My son ordered for the Cheesy Spaghetti and Meatballs. Though I have to eat the meatballs as he can’t finish them all!


Katzikat Thoughts: This restaurant never failed to impress their diners with the excellent menu and choices of sides. Which makes me wonder, why did they close their brach in BGC? Shame that we have to go all the way to QC just to be able to get their lovely BBQs.

Check out my rating for this resto in my Zomato Profile:

Fat Daddy's Smokehouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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