Korean J Grill – Tomas Morato

Korean Restaurants are a hit nowadays. With the booming K-pop culture in the Philippines now, it’s not a new thing that we become interested not only with Koreanovelas and Korean novelty items but also the Food this country can influence.

There was one restaurant in mind when we set out our hunt in QC area. Unfortunately, we were 16th in line! No way were gonna wait that long. So we decided to just go for the next available restaurant nearby. Then we came across this one as we are lucky enough to get the last parking spot available.

We were 2nd in line. That’s tolerable. While waiting for our table, we are already checking out the menu and decided on the Herb Samgyupsal and their marinated chicken.

The side dishes are unlimited as what other K restos are. Except of course if it’s an all-out Korean buffet.

This is how our meals looks like right on the grill.

We also ordered the Ramyun (so cheap) ’cause we thought that the samgyupsal would not be enough


Our ambiance looks like this.

Katzikat Recommends: I already went back to this restaurant twice. The second time still did not disappoint. Lettuce is so fresh and crunchy!!!!

Check my rating in my zomato profile:

Korean J Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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