Japan Tourist Visa Application for Filipinos – from Single Entry to Multiple Entry

We first applied for a Japanese Visa in 2015 when my son and I went to Tokyo. It was a gift for my son’s 7th birthday. We were not able to go there during his exact birthday but it’s never too late to celebrate it anyways.

Japan Visa for Filipinos needs to be applied via listed accredited Travel Agencies only. Japan embassy does not accept walk-in or personal application. You can chose from the list of accredited Travel agencies here.

For our application, we applied thru the agency Discovery Tours, located in Makati City. Our application costs us P800.00 only. By far this the cheapest application I have inquired to among all other travel agencies from the Japan list. They were also able to have our visa approved in 3 days only. We were approved for Single Entry only, with 15 days stay. The visa is valid only for 3 months.

So, here’s what you need to do to apply for Japan Visa:
1. Select your travel agency near you – From the agency’s website, you can find the steps on how to apply for the visa. You can also refer to their list of requirements here.

2. Prepare your documentations – I am a private employee when I applied so I prepared my COE, ITR, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Bank Certificate. Of course do not forget your passport valid for 6 months during your travel dates.

*for Birth and Marriage Certificate – make sure that they are recent copies obtained from PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority).  It will not be accepted if the certificates are more than 1 year old.

*for Bank Certificate and Bank Statements – there is no required amount set by the embassy.  Make sure that you bank has enough balance to prove you can sustain your trip to Japan.  My advise is to always keep it realistic.

3. Fill up the application form along with a photo with specifications set by the embassy. It is important that you follow the guidelines for the photo requirements.

4. Create an itinerary – the form can be obtained from the agency itself. You need to fill your day to day activities and the location of your activities.

5. If you are being sponsored by a Japanese national, you need to comply with additional requirements like Guarantee letter, Proof of relationship, Bank Certificate and ITR of guarantor.  Your guarantor can also be someone from the Philippines but that guarantor will have to provide Bank Certificate, Proof of Relationship and other proof of income.  Your guarantor does not need to be traveling with you.  Your guarantor can be your friend, but you have to provide proof of relationship.  Pictures will do.

6. You need to apply directly. The agents from the agency are very helpful with your needs. They will also answer questions you might have in order for you to fill in your details correctly.

7. The agency also offers tour options you may want to check rather than doing your Japan trip a DIY. You can also purchase passes that you can use in Japan rails.

When our visa was already released, we were notified by the agency to pick it up personally. You need to bring identification and the acknowledgement receipt with you when you claim your passport. This receipt is given to you by the agency after your application process.

Japan Visa for the second time….

So, basically, my son and I went back to Japan but this time, we went to Osaka and Nagoya. We applied for the multiple visa as we already were previously approved with the single entry. The requirements will still be the same, except that there is an additional form you need to fill up stating the reason why you wanted to apply for a Multiple entry visa. When I answered the question, I said that I would like to explore more of Japan in the next 1-2 years. That I am targeting to visit Sapporo during the winter etc. I guess you can provide other reasons as long as they are legally acceptable. Your application could even be more successful if you were previously approved with a Japan visa provided that you have no immigration issues with them in the past.

So, there you go!  That’s what I went through to obtain a Japan visa. Let me know you if have questions so I may somehow assist you before you start your application.  No fees required.  🙂

My Taytay Haul – ditching Divi for it!

As you check clothes for sale from online sellers, you can’t help but notice that some of these dresses are becoming cheaper for their design. And if you are these online sellers, you must be getting the supplies so cheap that you can sell them at competitive prices.

That’s when I learned about Taytay Garments and Korean Clothes – located in Taytay Rizal, which is rivaling that of Divisoria or any tiangges around the metro.

It was my birthday in 2018 when instead of splurging my money on mall-priced items, I decided to try my budget in Taytay to which I only set P2,000 as my budget and find out how many garments I can buy with it. At such price, I can only get a pair of shoes from either Payless or the Department store and maybe a blouse from uniqlo or H&M. And yes! I buy my clothes at tiangges or in Divisoria. I would always prefer to buy my clothes here rather than malls (unless it’s a special occasion I am preparing for).

There are few things you need to remember when you go to Taytay for clothes hunting.

1. Taytay is a supplier’s haven. You can buy clothes at wholesale price or you can mix and match items to get the wholesale price.
2. The tiangge area is not a mall. It’s an enclosed area where there are different stalls from different sellers. Each of these enclosures are given a name – Bagpi, Municipal Tiangge, MySeoul, Freedom Bazaar, CME, IGPAI etc. You don’t have to worry as these tiangges are connected to each other. Some, you need to cross the street to transfer.
3. If you are bringing your car, there are no parking slots available from near the tiangges. You can secure a parking spot near the market or park in one of the fastfood restaurant and just pay the guard (haha). What I did before is that we parked at Chowking, ate at the resto and went to the tiangge. Left our car at the parking lot of Chowking.
4. Bring your shopping bags. Most of the sellers will put your item in plastics. Since I planned to use all my 2K, i know that I will be buying a lot of items. So, to avoid using plastics, please bring your shopping bags/ecobags.
5. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking into a lot tiangges and the last thing you want is your shoes killing your feet!
6. Use a sling bag for your valuables. The place is always crowded. Chances of getting pickpocketed is always high.
7. If you are going there during the daytime, use light clothing. This area is not airconditioned.  It can really get hot during the daytime.
8.  If you are going for the night market, not all the tiangges are open.

When we got there, I browsed thru aisle after aisle of clothes!  So overwhelming!  Prices are amazing and the design are also up-to-date.  These are RTW clothes and not second hand clothes.

Here are my first buy!

P60 pesos each at wholesale price

This square pants is worth P150 each.  I saw a similar pants when I was in Bangkok costing around Bht120 so almost the same.  Same pants in greenhills will cost around P400.


Next, I hunted for leggings that I can use as sweat pants in the gym with matching t-shirts.  The leggings costs P180 for 3 pcs and the tshirts costs P60 pesos each.

I now move on to the dresses I scored for this venture!

The white floral costs me P200

The Blue semi-maong-texture dress is P250

The Red floral is P120

The Black tight dress is P100

I also scored this floral blazer for semi-casual occasions for only P100.


And for some summer blouses, these are easy to spot in the tiangge but difficult to select the right design as they are all good!  All these are for P60 each at whole sale price (minimum of 3 items).

And for my final buy, I got these really comfy shorts I can wear for sleeping.  These shorts really has smooth texture and maybe you can wear them as they are lol.


So my total for the day is around P1, 940!  The change is for water while walking and some small bites as the tiangge have area for food too!

These items also grabbed my attention but did not buy them anymore as I need to stick to my budget.

So, start saving up a few pieces of your bucks and head to taytay to get good deals on your clothes.  By the way, I wasn’t able to go to all the tiangges as there’s just too many!

Enjoy your shopping!