The most powerful Songs and their lyrics in my Spotify

Music has been a way of expression and influence from new and old culture alike.  It has made powerful impact to the lives of people who likes it wether fast, slow, vulgar, classic and the likes.

I, myself also listens to music to inspire me.  It was almost like somebody is singing the story of my life.  It was like listening to the things that I have experienced or want to experience.  The songs that you can relate to as the events of your life unfolds through your ears.

I have selected my top 10 personal list of the most powerful Song Lyrics that impacted my life.

1.  Strongest –  Ina Wroldsen

Behind the lyrics – In an interview with Charlotte Sissener of Musikknyheter, Wroldsen said the song is about a good friend of hers, saying the situation is “hard and bitter, but also genuine and triumphant. (from wikipedia)

My Post (5)The song is about a family torn apart by the father falling out of love with the mother that he had to leave her and their toddler.  The mother had to carry the burden of raising her son on her own that she has to be strong in order to support the young one.  Broken families are common nowadays . It seems like it’s difficult to stay together considering the factors each family has to face – temptations, lack of time, change of attitude, financial etc. Whatever the circumstances surrounding a broken family, we don’t have the right to judge anyone who are in such situation.  What we can do is to understand their situation instead.

2.  Someday We’ll Know – New Radicals / Mandy Moore (cover)

Behind the Lyrics: The song is a midtempo ballad in which Alexander reflects on a past relationship and wonders why his girlfriend left him, eventually concluding that someday he’ll know the answer. Rolling Stone called the song “reflective, while Consequence of Sound commented that the song is “relatable to the ever-been-broken-hearted with lines like ‘I’m speeding by the place that I met you for the 97th time tonight’ and ‘If I could ask God just one question: Why aren’t you here with me tonight? (from wikipedia).

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Katzikat: Pretty powerful lyrics for those who did not end up with the people they love.  Sometimes we create a lot of questions to justify what happened with a failed relationship but the truth is, there is really nothing you can do if things are not meant to be yours. Just be thankful for the fact that you are able to experience that love even for just a moment as it adds up to your memories that makes up who you are.  If you’ve done your best for someone and yet they still leave, then make them happy by letting them go.

3.  Scared to be Lonely – Martin Garrix / Dua Lipa

Behind the Lyrics: The song was described by Garrix as a follow-up to his 2016 collaboration “In the Name of Love” with American singer Bebe Rexha.  Garrix described that the song gives the same euphoric feeling (as “In the Name of Love”) and has ‘deeper lyrics’, which he thought was important. (from wikipedia)

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Katzikat:  The typical bliss of a new relationship, new love that eventually became a strange companionship which questions your current state of mind “why am I still in this situation?”  As many say, it’s easy to start a relationship with someone.  The happy moments, the randomness, the spontaneity of it all takes you to the heavens.  As the relationship becomes old, the sweetness of the beginning is now turning sour. Petty things becomes big issues.  Attacking the personality of the the same person who made you smile genuinely from the start.  A relationship that started happy but went downhill along the way as we focus on the flaws and faults.  Being in a relationship is not all fairy tales.  It requires hard work too.  It requires all the elements of what you think will make you happy and then balance them all.  If you feel that you’ve become stagnant with the relationship, jumpstart it once again with new things to do.  As the inevitable thing happens to all of us….we are changing.  (there is no other suitable voice to sing this song than Dua Lipa.  She justified the meaning of the song with her powerful voice).

4.  Fix You – Coldplay

Behind the Lyrics: The message throughout the song, in which Martin sings, is words of encouragement: “Lights will guide you home / And ignite your bones / And I will try to fix you.  Michele Hatty of USA Weekend reported that Martin sings about recovering from grief in the song.  (from wikipedia)

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Katzikat: The most moving song I have ever heard from Coldplay.  Every words are meant to touch every lives.  As none of us became complacent in the lives that we lead, at the end of the day, we still need that someone who can understand what you are going through in life.  That someone who will make you feel like you’re home.  That someone who will make you realize that tomorrow is another day.

5.  Just Hold On – Steve Aoki / Louis Tomlinson

Behind the Song: Tomlinson’s debut performance of “Just Hold On” on The X Factor (UK) came just days after it was announced that his mother, Johannah Deakin, died at the age of 42 after a battle with leukemia.

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Katzikat: When life gives us choices, always go for the one that will make you happy.  Your choice from the start will define the road you are going to take.  If you come across a crossroads once again, make a choice.  These choices we make may not always be the same with the people we love but trust me when I say that the path you want to take is not dependent on them but on you.

6.  Find You – Zedd

Behind the Song: a song by RussianGerman musician and producer Zedd for the soundtrack for the film Divergent.

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Katzikat:  When you live your life according to your expectations, you tend to sometimes be astray and eventually become lost.  When that happens, it’s good to have someone who will remind you of who you were before.  Be it a friend, a lover, a parent or an inspiration, losing ourselves in the process of living life can sometimes be ecstatic and scary.

7.  I won’t give up – Jason Mraz

Behind the song: “‘I Won’t Give Up’ was written selfishly. As many of my songs are, I write for the purpose of understanding what the hell’s going on in my life, my position in the world, processing that lesson and that miracle that I’m learning. Seeing it on the page, proving to myself that I understand the lesson, that I’m applying it to my life, and that I can move on. Ultimately it was about, you know, regardless of what happens in this relationship, I don’t have to give up on loving this person, or loving myself, or give up on whatever my dreams are. Even though it’s written through the filter of relationships, it’s not necessarily specific for relationships. For me, the true meaning exists in the bridge saying ‘I don’t want to be someone who walks away so easily, I’m here to stay and make a difference.’ That is for all of us. We all have something that we’re fighting for or that we’re striving for. Whether we want to coach our soccer team to victory or lose five pounds in a month, whatever it is, there’s nothing too small worth fighting for and there’s nothing too big worth going after. – Jason Mraz (from wikipedia)

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Katzikat: As we age, we start to search for our purpose in life.  Have we already made a difference?  Have we already touched lives of others.  Nobody’s asking you to save the world but a small act of kindness can make a difference.  No matter how small or big a situation is, the difference of us with others is how you handled it.

Broken – Seether / Amy Lee

Behind the song: is a song by South African post-grunge and alternative metal band Seether, featuring American singer Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence and then-girlfriend of Seether vocalist Shaun Morgan. (from wikipedia)

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Katzikat: This song has a special place in my heart.  I have been down before and I almost have no one to help me get back up.  That feeling that someone loves you enough to take away your pain is best feeling of them all.  Being alone in this world can be scary at times.

Stuck in a Moment you can’t get out of – U2

Behind the song: U2’s lead singer Bono wrote the song about the suicide of his close friend Michael Hutchence, lead singer of the band INXS. The song is written in the form of an argument about suicide in which Bono tries to convince Hutchence of the act’s foolishness. Bono characterized the song as a fight between friends, which he felt guilty for never having with Hutchence. As Bono said in 2005, “It’s a row between mates. You’re kinda trying to wake them up out of an idea. In my case it’s a row I didn’t have while he was alive. I feel the biggest respect I could pay to him was not to write some stupid soppy song, so I wrote a really tough, nasty little number, slapping him around the head. And I’m sorry, but that’s how it came out of me. (from wikipedia)

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Katzikat: An excerpt from my journal entry everytime I hear this song.36599559_10156538222430421_5877086359964876800_n

Got ’til it’s Gone – Janet Jackson

Behind the song: “Got ’til It’s Gone” was released as the lead single from Jackson’s sixth album The Velvet Rope, which chronicled Jackson’s struggle with depression and intimacy.  click here.

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Katzikat: In life, when we lose someone, that’s the only time we realize their worth.  It’s the worst feeling of them all.  There is nothing that could justify the loss.  It’s just either you forgive yourself and move on or dwell from the situation.  Take the opportunity that if you are given second chances, make it worthwhile.

How about you?  What’s song lyrics inspires you in this life?

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