J.CO Donuts & Coffee – Libis

Eversince this chain came to the Philippines, you can consistenytly see long lines of patrons waiting to get that piece of sweetness. And now the hype has died down, still the one thing this donut has that’s not found with other similar chains is the texture and balanced sweetness of the donuts. Though when the donut is not consumed hours after buying, the quality is no longer the same. So better consume it same day.

Bestseller for me is Al Capone. If I buy 1 dozen, half of it will be Al Capone. The rest will be for trying.

They have also different variants of coffee – hot or iced and can be a bit overwhelming to make the right choice. Ambiance is irresistible as they have cozy chairs to lounge on.

By the way, you don’t have to worry no more about long queues. They can serve your donuts immediately.

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Mendokoro Ramenba – Makati

As promised from the my last post about this Japanese restaurant, I only get this time to draft my review and what are the “thoughts” I have when I dined into this humble 20-seater place and how we braved the long lines despite being famished.

We initially wanted to find a noodle place in Kapitolyo but since we’ve been there just a few days ago, I said that maybe we could try Makati. Maybe there are new places there we haven’t heard as we have not been eating there for quite some time.

As I was about the leave, I remember about this place being talked about in social media and it’s just near Jupiter so in favor of this restaurant, we ditched Jupiter and went to Salcedo. If you will consider eating in their makati branch, prepare your waze as the building is a bit tricky to find (due to the 1-way street scheme in Makati).

We arrived at 9:30pm and the parking spot infront of the place is just wow! We were initally 14th in line so we need to wait for another hour to get seated. And so to kill time, we just stayed at the car until it’s already out turn. But while you are waiting in line, the reception is already be taking your order, asking you to pay for your line to be secured. So when it’s our turn to sit, we waited for another 10minutes before our orders are served.

We ordered the Tantanmen (bestseller), 10pcs Gyoza and the Off-the-menu ramen. I just told the reception what is their recommendation for something seafood and she told me that it’s not on the menu but they can prepare their secret one.

The Tantanmen made me say Tan-ta-na-nan! Super yummy! And the gyoza was hit for my son too. It was gone instantly! The stuff is so meaty and when paired with their sauce it a bomb combination. The ramen is also firm and right to the bite. It didn’t get soggy from being mixed with the broth. It’s a must try.

Now for the secret menu Ramen, this is the many reason why despite being priced more than P500+ pesos, you will still buy it because it’s truly irresistable! The broth is more like crab paste-rich one and the seafood mix, although very few is just blending in with the ramen. Worth the price!

The more than 1 hour waiting time is all worth it. Though I wouldnt’ advice to eat here if you are in a hurry or just taking your office lunch break. The seating capacity is very limited and it’s a eat-and-run place. You can’t stay there for chit-chat as people are constantly waiting in line. So be mindful.

Katzikat thoughts: Thumbs up!

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Pound By Todd English

This review is for Pound located at Vertis North Mall.  It was saturday before Father’s Day celebration and my son just got back from his vacation. Craving for city food, backed with my B1T1 coupon from Booky, we went for this restaurant as they serve Sliders, Burgers, Pasta and Desserts only. And to note that most of the restaurants in the area are full since everyone seems to be out for Celebrating our Fathers!

We were 2nd in line and decided on what we are gonna order even before we had our tables. Please note that they only will prepare your orders once your table is confirmed though. Just browse thru the menu while you wait.

When we got the table, the inside of the restaurant seems to be small. It was all packed during the night. Tables are small, really meant for 1 person each side. It was a rainy night that night so the floor is a bit messy. And our table seems to be jiving with our movements. Just annoying.

First we were served with the sliders. Thanks Booky for the treat!

My son ordered for the Chicken Burger, which was left unfinished as it’s all just crunchy breading instead of the Chicken meat.


But their Pomodoro is a must order. Paired with their Truffle Fries!

Katzikat Thoughts: We went out of the resto with full tummy considering that those sliders are so cute but the meat is all packed. If my son would prefer to go back there, I would but if I, alone will decide, I’ll just pick another burger restaurant than them. Please lose the black and white tiles! Too old design!

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