Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ

It was almost log-out time and I can’t seem to wait for the time as I am so hungry and needed nourishment already. Luckily, my food buddy is in the area and from BGC, we went to Kapitolyo for late dinner as I have a 50% off from Eatigo from them so we figured it’s worth the quick trip. Take note, I only have 1 hour to spare so while we are on the way, I already ordered our food which they gladly accommodated. Thank you!

When we got there, our food is almost ready so the waiting time is not that much. I ordered the Pitmaster’s Smoked Ribs. Fall off the bone indeed. That single strip, though looks like small but actually satisfying for one. Even if you are hungry. Paired it with rice of course.

We also ordered the Angus Beef Brisket and it was good too! paired with Mashed potato.

The place is also good for just chilling. Very Pitmastery vibe!

Katzikat Recommends: The food is great! The discount we got is also great! Only the Beef Brisket is what made our bill higher than the usual but it’s ok. If you come in big group, order the Platter instead. I so wanted to try the sausage. 🙂

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Caution Hot!

It’s Sunday late night, way past our bedtime and we just have to look for something to eat after a nice massage to complete the relaxing experience and we came across this “the only joint still open at this hour” place in Kapitolyo. It’s been a while since we ate in Kapitolyo and this is the first time we are seeing this place among the restaurants rows in the area. No hesitations, we decided to eat here.

They serve Hot Noodles! Main specialty. Don’t look for ramen or porridge or anything! It’s a noodles joint.

To order a food, you have to follow 4 simple steps:
1. Choose your Toppings
2. Choose your Broth
3. Choose your Noodles
4. Choose your Burn

After there 4 easy peasy steps, wait for your order and voila! Your quick fix hot noodles is served.

Katzikat Recommend: I recommend the Pork Asado Szechuan Egg Noodles with 2nd degree burn! Just right for first timers.

Other choices are good too like this one below:
Seafood Szechuan Wheat Noodles with 1st degree Burn!

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