Seol Bang

Korean Ice!

First of all, you simply need to know how they make the ice so smooth and fine never minding how this dessert makes your teeth sensitive the fact that it’s really cold and oh so yummy!

Presentation is key. You have got to order the right stuff before you can truly appreciate Bingsu!

We ordered the Salted Caramel Cookie (to share) just because Salted Caramel is a popular choice for anything caramel. Strawberry Cheesecake is a good choice too! And some coffee for someone who needs a quick fix.

And yes! Goofing around is allowed.

Here are some of their choices too! But don’t be fooled ‘coz these are just for display purposes only.

Katzikat Recommends: They have Korean food but I haven’t tried them yet. If you come here, just come here for the Bingsu and the stuff to goof around. Make sure you give back the props when you leave!

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This restaurant is very near where I work and this is our immediate go-to place whenever we crave for Filipino Dishes and have a little bit of something to spare. I have been to this restaurant many times but this is the only time I am reviewing it.

For those times i visited them, I always order a different dish. I have tried their Grilled Liempo, their Crispy Bagnet and my latest is their Beef Tapa. While my regular dinner buddy always order the Lechon Laing, I’m telling you, that all those choices we made, there are no regrets.

Our orders were promptly taken by kuya and our food came in in flash too. If the kuya is on stand by like this, then there is really no reason for any delay in your orders, agree? haha


Katzikat Recommends: If I can try all their food, I would. I hope the next time I’m coming to this restaurant, I am drinking and not eating. The Al Fresco dining is +++

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Starbucks – Grace Mall

This Starbucks is the closest coffee shop to my heart. Not just because of its proximity to where I live but because the ambiance is just so perfect I feel closer to home (literally).

High ceiling windows, comfy chairs, wide counters, lots of sockets for laptop users and al fresco area (very good area when I bring my dog along) and of course the never ending array of drinks they offer. Lots of promos and introducing limited time drinks, this what makes Starbucks on top of its game.

I just would like to share this cute little matcha offering they had when we were hanging out there.


The drink are on introductory stage at that time. This is now the drink that we know as Matcha Green Tea Creme Frap. So nice!

Please work on your internet offering soon!

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Nadai Fujisoba

My sister said she haven’t been to a Japanese restaurant before so I took her to this quaint Jap resto at SM Aura. We have our grandchild along so we have to consider the kind of food we order (spicy, salty etc) so it also fits to his taste.

I ordered for one of their Donburi Bowls – the Katsudon while my sister gor the Gyu Don as per my recommendation. She likes beef so, appropriately, Gyu Don is the best to go. She liked the beef. It was tender and yummy. I also enjoyed my bowl of pork and the eggs is just right for the taking.

As an additional food on our table, we also had the Karaage Soba Udon bowl so we can have something for our grandchild. The servings are big by the way. So we had to take home the Noodle as we can’t finish it anymore.

Katzikat Recommends: If only I can order all the food from their menu, I would devour them all. Starting off with the Katsudon, like I always do in every Japanese Restaurants I go to is a must for any rice lovers. Suggestion though not to partner your Katsudon with noodles specially if they have very big servings.

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