Teriyaki Boy

My co-managers and I came here to this place to bond over dinner and get away from our daily work for a while. Since we all are craving for something Japanese, this the nearest we can find from our office.

Browsing through the menu, I ordered for the Chicken Teriyaki over rice. The chicken is soft and the sauce was well-blended. And thank God they used Japanese rice instead of the normal rice we get from non-Jap restos.


My colleagues ordered Dumplings, Maki and Fried Tuna (pardon for some of the food are almost gone haha).

We also had this noodles and it’s also good. Though not really the kind of noodles you order in a Japanese resto. Nonetheless, it’s a good addition to our hungry stomach.


Katzikat Recommends: The teriyaki chicken is B1T1 anyways. Good deal for someone to share with. The noodles, though oddly a favorite menu, is a good addition to your order. Of course the Maki and dumplings are good too!

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Village Tavern

This day was the day we had our photoshoot at BGC. And our guest for the day was my good friend Rannie who gladly shared this platter with us after a long and hot day.

It was also a day before the 2018 election when we had the shoot. I had a discount voucher from Globe, unfortunately we were unable to use it since the voucher is not valid on special occasions. Since we are already tired from walking and hungry for a while, we just dined here and ordered the shareable platters at P1,195 (excluding SC). We also wanted to pair it with wine unfortunately alcohol ban is in effect.

The platter was actually too big for the 3 of us. We had to take home some of fried chicken IMG_3994

Katzikat Recommends: This platter is good enough for 3-4 persons. Price is not that bad considering that there are other restaurants who offer their platters at a higher price. And this is Village Tavern, right in the midst of High Street! Good dining experience here.

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Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

This wings shack is just a few meters away from where we live and we came in hungry! We waited a bit, not in the resto but in the parking lot as there were a lot of diners but limited parking space. The wait it worth it.

So I ordered for the Champion Wings and my son for the Chicken Fingers. Added some Cheesy Fries with that and our meal is set.

The chicken is so so good! My son went for his chicken fingers too with lots of ketchup!

One thing I can note about this humble wings shack is that the ladies are very polite and accomodating. They even gave my son a sweet treat while waiting for our orders.

Katzikat Recommends: Their wings are so good! Few selections only but way to go. Unlike in other wings shacks, this place is good enough to satisfy your wing cravings.

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Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

The hype was in and I haven’t had the chance to eat here until now. Luckily this restaurant is still open until 3AM and when we got there at 1am, we still have to wait second in line.

When we had our table, we ordered for the Wing’s World – a combination of 3 types of chicken wings: Garlic Parmesan, Nagoya Tebusaki and Smokey BBQ. Along with some serving of Nachos and Mashed Potato (pricey for that serving though), the meal was complete. Armed with fingers wrapped in plastic gloves, we are ready for these bad ass wings!

Katzikat Recommends: Though I haven’t tried all the wings, our choice is not that bad. Will definitely go back there again. But will only be giving my 3 stars instead of 5.

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