First of all, I am not a cook.  I simply love to eat.  With great food comes great stories to tell.  With great food comes great bonding with friends and families that creates memories to live by.  I eat food not just to fill in my stomach but to fill my life with something to remember in the future.

Though I am not a professional cook, I also know how to cook a little.  Dishes that makes my son ask for a second round of rice serving.  Dishes I only copied from the internet or cooking shows which my sister so passionately watches day by day.

I also love Coffee!  Coffee is a must.  The smell of freshly brewed ones makes you survive Mondays.  Even if other days feels like Mondays too!

I will be showcasing my restaurant reviews and my recommendations in my site.

Another feature will also be about my sister’s business called What’s Your Flan?-Taguig – a franchise from the famous What’s your Flan? by Princess which was featured in different SME shows like My Puhunan, GMA shows etc.


Join me in my food journey!