To all the Dogs we’ve loved before…and now!

I am a proud fur mom of a Shih Tzu princess type breed. I have had 2 other dogs before but are no longer with me as the first one died (due to loneliness) and the third one was dognapped. Only the 2nd one is with me now and I can say this one is for keeps!

My first fur baby was named Shampu. I named her that because of the pricey shampoo I have to buy just to maintain her fur. When we moved to a different house, we took her to the province and had to be away from us. Last thing I knew, she already died as she refused to eat.


I then adapted Kofi in 2015 as the original owner can only keep 2-3 dogs in their condo. I chose him among all the litter as he is the only one with a unique gray-mixed color. And pretty adorable too! Especially the eyes!

He was then pledged to my niece who is arriving to the Philippines from Qatar as she said she wanted to care for a dog. Unfortunately, Kofi and I were already smitten to each other that I couldn’t let him go anymore. And so he stayed.

In 2016, I once again adapted another Shih Tzu and I named him Xinamon. This one is also a unique litter because of her brownish red fur. Like a balayage one. Lol


Kofi and Xinamon are perfect match. They always go together wherever one is. They never fought nor bite each other. They don’t get angry over food. When we go to the mall, I seldom use leash on them as they really walk beside you like a trained dog. There are no formal trainings for my babies. Just signs on when to stop, where to eat and when it’s time to go.

Five months with us, Xinamon was dognapped from our house. We’ve searched but to no avail. And so we just have to let her go. We just hope that whoever got her, is taking care of her real good.

So, I am left with Kofi to care of. This fur baby has a real odd behavior which makes him an adorable love.  He likes sleeping at our feet at night and snuggles behind your back.  When he eats, he does not grab the food instantly.  He will smell it first then bite it gently out of your hands.  Runs away and eat alone.  He does not like other people when I am around but hangs out with them when I am gone.  He does not run when the door opens.  While walking, he walks with us even without leash.  If he leads the way, he make sure that we are following by checking us out.  If he sees other dogs, we is just snobbish.  He is allowed to hang out with us at Coffee Bean shops.

I am eager to adopt one more buddy soon!

To be a fur mom:

  1. Be patient when he starts to get messy.  From poops/weewees, baths and fur drying, feeding, vaccines, costly shopping for maintenance.  He is going to be your nth son/daughter so treat them well.
  2. Prepare to take him to walks so he gets exercise too.
  3. He needs cuddle and care.  If he is playful, then be playful too.
  4. Teach him the basics.  You don’t have to be a dog whisperer like Caesar Millan.  Teach him things he can easily understand the first time.
  5. Take lots of pictures for memories!
  6. Adopt.  Don’t shop.  As they say at CARA Welfare Philippines.

Let me know if you want to adopt and be a fur mom too!


An Engaging Summer Camp

As SY 2018 came to a close in April, i went searching for a summer activity that my son could join and believe me, I came across so many options but one thing caught my attention as I was browsing in LinkedIn….yes, LinkedIn! Not Facebook or Instagram.

Sports camp, cooking, music and arts…all in the page of potential summer camp.  Of course I wanted him to enjoy summer and be away from anything related to school, But i don’t know why i got attracted with the summer activity offered by  OneCore Success Center, Inc. posted from Ms. Pia’s profile.

The program is entitled TORCH SUMMER LEADERSHIP PROGRAM held in May at Ateneo De Manila UniversityTorch 2018-1Torch 2018-2.jpg

It’s a leadership workshop open for kids 8-16 years old that aims to develop social interactions, character growth, leadership and responsibility.  It reminded of the days when I have to undergo management training when I became a manager some time back.  I felt the benefits of these trainings and I figured it would be good for my son to experience this appropriately to his age.

And I wasn’t disappointed! In that 5 days of workshop, my son interacted with his batch (different age bracket) and shown his natural ability to socialize and overcome his shyness and timidity.  Amazing program indeed!

After the program, coaches will provide an assessment about your child’s potential and what can be focused on by the parents.  This gives the parent the opportunity to know their child and help them to work on enhancement.  And it doesn’t just stop there.  There will be a quarterly catch-up with the coaches to monitor progress and sustenance of learning by the participants.  Just like how they do it in the corporate world, I am happy to know that the coaches will still be your guiding partner for your child’s development.

Katzikat’s Thoughts: If you ask me why i chose this program my answer is simple.  Developing a child’s character is my priority.  Making him discover what he’s good at by exposing him to different things, no matter how costly or cheap it is, that’s what opens his awareness.  Once his character is already developed, he can take it from there on.  He can make smart choices, decisions, life-changing revelations on his own.  He can decide if being intellectual and sporty at the same time can be achieved or not.  I just wanted him to experience how to lead and be led.  As most of us have undergone before.

Here are some of the pictures from the program:

During the last day, parents are invited to attend and watch the kids showcase their learning and it was a delight to watch the kids make presentations, speeches like their skills are inborn from the beginning.  During my son’s impromptu speech about Talent, Honesty and how to avoid being a judgmental person (appropriate nowadays), I became aware that there is an opportunity to improve his speech and gestures further and we are willing to work on it.  Speaking in public can be dreadful sometimes and I am proud to see my son doing it at such a young age.

Thank you OneCore for this opportunity.  No regrets for letting my son join the program.  See you on the next assessment!