6 Reasons why keeping a journal never goes out of style!

Keeping a journal is a fun and good alternative to blogging/vlogging.  This used to be the way of recording important data or events and this can be passed on to your next generation.  It’s also a way of expressing your thoughts and feelings.  Thoughts and feelings that you wanted to stay private.

I do keep a journal.  Unlike a diary, I only write about the events that I think has made a significance in my day.  You don’t have to record everything. Even if blogging is already the way to go, here are the reasons why I still keep a journal.

 1.  My journal reminds me that it’s alright to make mistakes.  One of the things that opens up our maturity is that we are able to accept the fact that we can make mistakes and it’s up to us to correct it.  We may have corrected our mistakes but it will always leave a mark.  This mark will serve as a reminder that though you make mistakes, your attitude towards it will what makes the difference.

2.  My journal serves as my best friend.  I can write all the thoughts I can’t say out loud.  Accepts whatever you want to say.  Secrets will stay secrets.  Remember, everyone has the right to keep a piece of secret deep down their hearts that will remain a mystery.

Kitty keeps my secret…

3.  My journal helps me practice my handwriting.  Literally.  Instead of typing you fingers away, work fingers away with you pen and pages.  Sometimes, we are so used to using keyboards that writing becomes tedious already.

4.  My journal allows me to make crazy doodles coming straight from my imagination.  It’s funny to sometimes be able to draw something, even though they are not perfect, projects what’s exactly on your mind in that current state of mind.

The best doodles I can ever make.

5.  My journal allows me to paste tiny pieces of souvenirs.  A receipt from a restaurant from a meal you shared with someone you love can be a good memory to keep.  Or a picture from your instax camera with your best friend so as to remember the wonderful day you shared together.

The 3 white roses…

6.  My journal will not be corrupted.  The issue with online journals is that when your storage crashes, you might not be able to retrieve it.  There will be online solution of course, but the stress that you feel thinking that you may or may not retrieve it anymore is frustrating.

I hope these reasons will convince you to start making journals.  Try it too!  and if you do decide to start making one, make sure you get the leather one.  Make it personalized.  Choose something that will last, just like the memories you wanted to keep.

And one more thing, once you go back to the writings you made in the past, you will be amazed about the things you have written, may it be ridiculous or heartfelt.  Trust me.  Here is an excerpt from one of my writings and it took me back to that day when I wrote it and the feeling is unbelievable!


Suggestion on where to buy/order:

Alunsina Handbound Books – the smell of leather is the best smell whenever you start working on your thoughts.  Nothing makes you excited to start writing your journal especially if these are designed by Alunsina.  Check out their FB page for availability of journals, designs and colors.  Make it personalized!

Surat Journals – They have this leather pouch where you can put your other trinkets.  Surat means Write in Ilocano dialect.  Fitting!

Papersandtschai – they have these colorful journals and planners you can choose from.  Aren’t those drawings gorgeous?

Moleskin – have you heard of this notebook?  If you did, try getting one of their notebooks.  The leaves of the notebooks can withstand liquid spills so you don’t need to worry about blotted inks in case of accidents.  Prepare to shell out a bit more though.