What’s Your Flan?

I first heard about What’s Your Flan? when I was watching My Puhunan – an ABS-CBN business public service program which airs during the weekdays.  I was getting my son ready for school when the feature was on.

What’s Your Flan? is an online, home-based business by Princess San Diego.  We became interested with her product as this is also the first time I’ve heard of Flavored Leche Flan.  Leche Flan is a Caramel Custard made up of egg yolks and condensed milk.  It’s a staple dessert for every Filipino dining table.  So, imagining this staple dessert, now with a unique version of flavors, which made everyone curious about it…including me.

This page is dedicated solely for What’s Your Flan? and the franchise we availed which is currently being managed by my sister.  Read Away!